Barry F. Pritchard

MBA, Chemist Founder & and Managing Member

Mr. Pritchard brings to SunX a unique combination of technical and business development skills to the operation. A locally educated scientist (ACS Certified BS Chemistry, Towson State University - 1982) and business professional (AACSB International Accredited MBA, Loyola College - 2005), our Managing Member has had leadership and/ or significant Pharmaceutical Manufacturing operational experience in the following areas:

·         Active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) synthesis and structural  confirmation– R& D

·         API purification and stability methods design – Production scale

·         Biopharmaceutical processing – Production scale

·         Analytical methods development

Mr. Pritchard takes the safety of its products and the patients of Maryland very seriously, and as such, assumes full responsibility for the quality of its products and will ensure that these products are fit for their intended use, comply with all regulatory requirements, and do not put patient health at risk. To ensure the safety of its products SunX will design and implement a pharmaceutical quality system (PQS) which incorporates good manufacturing practices (GMP) and quality risk management (QRM) principles. Our knowledge of continuously improving process-based systems will afford our cannabis production partners the necessary feedback to allow for the consistent delivery of products that meet internal and regulatory quality control specifications.